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Is it Expensive to Get a Car Towed? 

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Although it’s quite easy to get a car towed these days, it’s something that doesn’t come cheap. As a matter of fact, it’s that phone call that nobody wants to make but would at one point or the other. If you own a car, then you should definitely have the number of the most reliable tow company within reach.  

 Get a Car Towed

If you have somebody whom you can call if you figured in a road mishap, then you’ll save you a lot of time, effort, and frustration. You never know when your car will break down and leave you panicking in the middle of the road. So it’s always best to be prepared.  

How Much Does it Cost? 

To make sure that your interests are protected at all times, you have to find reputable towing companies as early as now. This somehow keeps you from overpaying for the service and being scammed. There’s definitely no reason why you should pay more than the usual costs.  

The average cost of a tow truck is $100. The amount you pay relies on factors such as the type of vehicle you own, the kind of towing truck used, and the distance traveled. You can pay as low as $75 or as much as $125 for the service. That is what you should expect the service provider should charge you in case you require their services. 

Are There Other Charges? 

This is something that you how to know first before calling a towing company. There are several of them that charge something like a hook-up fee that could add to your total bill. The hook-up fee can actually differ if the pick-up location is within the city or outside the tow company’s usual coverage area.  

Hook-up fees may run from $35 to $100, depending on where the vehicle is located. That, plus the usual $2.50 to $5 per mile that these companies charge, is usually what you need to pay. Sometimes, companies offer flat-rates for local towing, which may actually be good for you. Of course, there are those that may charge extra during weekends, holidays, and nighttime.  

Choose Your Service Provider Well 

Considering the vast difference in how these service providers charge their customers, it’s really important that you understand more about pricing beforehand. But then again, the price shouldn’t be your only concern when choosing which company to hire. There are some that offer lowball prices only to add expensive per-mile charges that you aren’t aware of. 

Some cities put a cap on how much towing companies can charge. If there’s such a law enforced in your area, you should know about it. That way, you’ll know more or less the maximum amount that you’ll pay so there will be no surprises.   

If you need a reliable 24 hour tow company Kansas City Missouri, then you have to look for the right provider today. Don’t wait until you get into an unfortunate situation before you do anything about it. Be prepared and you don’t have to worry about anything. 

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What to do when your Car is Towed

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Tow trucks are either helpful or totally a hassle. Despite the odd things that may happen when you are dealing with cars perhaps Waterville tow truckcompanies maybe something that you can’t decide whether you love or you hate. It is easy and a big relief when your cars break down and there is a trusted towing company you can call to help you with the problem. It isn’t easy when you find out that car is towed without your permission and that is because of a lot of reasons. Most of the time though it is the former rather than the latter that happens to us.

Cars are convenient vehicles that we heavily rely on. We use it all the time to get to work, to the grocery store, to go shopping or to just plain ride around the city and relax. But you should always be careful where you park your car, cause you might get towed out of anywhere. Here are some things you can do when your car is being towed and not by your choice.

First and foremost is you got to check the evidence by which your car is being towed for. It’s got to be legitimate, take pictures of the area if that is the reason and make sure that you are informed on what is going on. This is why it’s important that you know the reason why things happen the way they do. It will not only make it easier but also keep you informed so you don’t get scammed easily.

Second, getting your car back. If by some chances their statement is legitimate then all you can do is really follow the procedure to get your car back. If it’s an honest mistake you cannot do really anything about it and all you can do is learn from the experience. You can call the police department and find out where the cars are being impounded. There will be fees that needs to be payed such as the towing charge, charge per mile, vehicle release, storage charge and so forth.
Third, this is as important as any other read the documents to know why exactly your car was towed. This is pretty important because you may be agreeing on paper in something that you disagree up on. It is pretty important that you read before you sign because you can totally have a hearing on the matter.

Of course, towing companies won’t tow your car without a valid reason but if it ever comes to that it is a responsible thing to know what are some possible reason your car was towed.

  1. Illegal Parking
  2. Disabled Vehicle
  3. Blocking walkways and fire hydrants
  4. Vehicle is left long
  5. Mountain of tickets
  6. Unlicensed driver
  7. Registration is expired
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